Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Time To Smile Again!

Hello to all my sweet friends! I would like to give you all an update on my daughter Anjelina. As many of you know she was brutally attacked almost two months ago by a monster who will be charged with attempted murder. However, that is all I am going to say about him because he doesn't deserve my time....Anjelina is doing absolutely wonderful and she is so thankful to be alive to smell the flowers...enjoy the warm sun...have tea with me on the could go on and on.

We both totally appreciate all the love, light, and prayers from everyone! Thank you to all of you who kept the prayers going by mentioning it on their blogs and lighting candles...I believe wholeheartedly that all of those prayers helped her to heal so quickly....she was in  the hospital for only six days....and that included 3 days in Intensive Care!

So....I painted a canvas for Anjelina about the power of prayer and wrote her this note on a piece of parchment paper...rolled it up like a small scroll and placed it the back of the canvas!

Dear Anjelina,

On July 7, 2011 your life changed forever but not in the way that most would believe. You didn't allow the monsters hand hold you didn't allow the fear to immobolize not my were brave and bold and soon you rose above your circumstances. You found your inner "Women Warrior" and have the battle scars to prove it. You found your courage and now my daughter it is yours for life!

With all my love...Mom

I debated whether to show you what I wrote but so many of you were here with me from the beginning and I felt that you should know.

Now here is the surprize....I made a second 6x6 canvas painting and I am going to give all of you a chance to win it! Anyone can enter...this is for all of you that wrote on my blog....prayed silently...passed the word that Anjelina needed help...this is for anyone who has ever prayed for themselves or someone they loved...this is for anyone who believes in the power of prayer! Please just leave a comment and your name will go in the hat!

Good Luck....Anjelina will do the drawing on September 7th. Oh...I almost forgot...the words I choose for the letter to Anj were inspired by one of my favorite books..."WOMENS BOOK OF POSITIVE QUOTES"!


  1. Deborah, I just logged in & saw your update, I can't tell you how often I'd wondered how your beautiful 'warrior woman' was going, hoping she was healing and oh my goodness, this is brilliant news, you are correct about the power of prayer as I believe Anjelina drew on them to give her strength in recovery... just wonderful. Your words to your daughter are inspired as is this bright and sweet canvas. I would be honoured if you added my name to the draw. Take care & sending hugs to you both!

  2. Deborah,

    I am so glad Angelina is on the mend. What beautiful paintings you've made.


  3. Deborah, so good to hear from you and so good to hear about Anjelina ;o) She is a true warrior! I believe in the power of good energy,and prayer. I am so thankful it helped Anj ;o) I love what you wrote to her and what you painted for her! It's something she will treasure for life! She is a strong beautiful woman! I love the painting you did for your giveaway and would be honored to have it. Blessings my friend ;o)

  4. Deborah, my heart sings with joy!! your daughter is a warrior , with a fierce will..stronger than anyone I have ever known( i say known because through your blog I feel as though I do1)I consider it a privilege and honor to say"I know Angelina:. it is also a testament to the love of her family and the teachings of her parents. You have raised a woman who values herself and has the strength to overcome incredible odds. I hold her as an example for my life..when I think that I just can't "deal" with things in my life..I will say"Ann, look at strong like she is!!" Please tell your daughter that through her, I too will be a stronger person..what she went through was horrendous,yet it brought a change in my life for the better.
    such a beautiful painting and quote! How true!! So much power in prayer and positive energy...with prayer and love anything is possible!!!
    Blessings to you all..from my heart to yours.
    Such a treasure of a giveaway...I would be honored to win it..and I will be delighted for whoever wins it!!!! My "prize" is simply knowing she is doing well....and the gift she already,unknowingly ,gave me!!

  5. Deborah, this is such wonderful news. I am so happy that Anjelina has done so well and continues her healing journey with her head held high. She is such a strong and beautiful soul. Your painting is so gorgeous and so very thoughtful. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity in sharing in the joy that lives in your everyday world. Blessings to you both! - Mina

  6. Well, my dear Deb, now you and your words to your dear Anjelina have every single one of my hairs standing on end. I am sooo happy for her and for you. There is so much that can change for the better in our lives when we believe in ourselves and in the energy of those who love us. Your Anjie is an example of that.

    Whoever wins this prize (me, me, me!) will have a very powerful piece in their home. Tell Anjie I'm very proud of her Inner Warrior, and of the warrior that birthed her too.

    Many hugs!

  7. You've got some wonderfull blogfriends who supports you Deborah! I wish Anjelina all the best things in the world!
    Its time to smile again!
    xxx Donna