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MagicLoveCrow says:
Oh, I love my cats from you! Casey is so happy to be living in Canada, along with her buddies!! Thanks Debbie ;o) I love her pink nose!! A+++

rnranimal69 says:
Such a beautiful painting! I am so happy with this. Thank you so much for the quick shipping. Item was well packaged too. You are soooooo talented. A thousand thanks. You made my day with this

kwishk says:
Love this bird!! And Deborah, it was so great to work with you again!! Thank you for all the extra help!!

harwintonmini says:
Cute little table with heart accents and accessories! Thanks for the gift too! Very, very nice seller!

MagicLoveCrow says:
This little angel is adorable!! Everyone needs one! So cute and so well made! I love it! Thanks so much! A++++

gaylame says:
This one will be mine. I'm going to have it matted & framed. It will have a special meaning to me...and my sisters! You went out of your way to handle a special order and very quickly, I might add. Thank you again!

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