Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank You all for the love and prayers...

A very special thank you to for this beautiful picture of Mother Mary.

My dear friends....thank you so much for all the love, light, and prayers....for my daughter Anjelina who was violently assaulted two weeks ago....this experience has been was a mothers nightmare...this man was a friend of a friend and Anjelina didn't know him very well nor for very long...he was a coward who attacked my daughter from behind...he tried to strangle her and she was going in and out of consciousness...she told herself she wasn't going to die and certainly not by this monster...she finally got the belt loose and he stabbed her numerous times from head to toe she had stab wounds including many defense wounds...the worse on her hands...he repeatly punched her in her face even breaking mirrors with her face....she said she just kept on telling herself to get to the door where the police were trying to get her out...she played dead and watched him walk away...she crawled on her elbows ....opened the door and literally fell out into the arms of police...Anjelina is only 100lbs. and she is only 21...I have always called her my little firecracker....she survived because she is a warrior...she survived because she loves life...she survived with the help of the many angels in the room with her ... she survived because she believes God has a plan for her...she is delighted to be alive and wants to thank you all for the healing prayers.

I choose the above picture because I love Mary...she understands what it is like to be a Mom...I always loved her but a few months ago I started to pray to her again saying Hail Marys before bed every night and asking her to help me be the best mother I could be...I asked her to protect my children and to allow the White light to surround and protect them....maybe Mary knew what was going to happen...I have a statue of her by my bed and she always seemed sad...when I received the phone call that something bad happened to Anjelina...I prayed to Mary all the way to the hospital in between my sobs...she had emergency surgery and when we were able to be with her I never left her...on the second night a kind nurse gave me 3 warm blankets while I leaned into my daughters bed holding her hand...I opened one blanket..then the second and I smelled a beautiful scent...I held the first blanket up to my face...nothing...then I brought the second one up to my face and I swear it was the fresh scent of Roses...I believe that Mary was telling me she heard my pleas and she was there with me and Anjelina...I felt at that moment a true calmness and I fell to sleep for the first time in days. When I came home after one week I held the statue of Mary and thanked her and I swear when I looked at her face it seemed like she was smiling..I can't explain any of this but then again...I don't really want to.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your concern and prayers...with special thanks to Stacey from Magic Love Crow for taking immediate action to ask for prayers... Mina,Shelle, Magaly, and Ann (who didn't even know me) ...and for all of you that kept the prayer candle lit.