Friday, April 29, 2011


MINA......HURRAY FOR MINA you have won Fayth and her bubbling cauldron! Mina's blog is one of my absolute can visit her here

Please contact me with your mailing address and I will send it right out!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Part three......and one more giveaway!

Now comes my favorite personal spell. It only works on boys named Fernando! This all started when I had a best friend named Fernando who loved to make me happy by buying me things. Actually, it wasn't just things it was anything I wanted. Poor Fernando didn't realize that I had cast a spell on him. It all started out as a silly game. I can say things like "Wow that would look really great on me" or "I'm bored I want to go to the movies!" Ijust have to repeat Fernando three times where ever I am and in minutes he calls and tells me he just bought me something or he invites me to the movies. I'm still very best friends with Fernando and sometimes I honestly think that he knows what I am doing but he loves me and her pretends not to know. Sometimes I don't even have to say "Fernando Fernando Fernando" but he comes to the door with stuffed animals anyway.

I would love to tell you how to do all three of these spells. However, us witches learn our crafty words through an apprenticeship. You will never see our secrets in print although many have tried only to have the pages burn right up! Power shared is power lost!

I will however share this poem with some secrets in it!

A descendent of the witches race
At night I dance with a moonlit face
My steaming cauldron of witches brew
Bubbling over like a bubbly stew
Honey, Begonias, and Lillies of the Valley here
No thornapple or nightshade so have no fear
My intentions are positive and sweet
I focus my energy from my hands to my feet
Whether for the Kids, Kats, or Fernandos of the world
I cast my words as I swirl and twirl
I infuse them with love and light
While a cresent moon blazes bright
Before I know it my spells are all spun
And POOF! My work is all done!

Thank you everyone for following my was fun for me! If you would like to win this final ACEO original...please leave a comment!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

....And the WINNER is...MEGALY!

Congrats Megaly you get to be blessed by Genesis! Please e mail me your address and I will send her right daughter Anjelina also says Congrats to you.

I am going to put the last witchy post up before midnight!!!!!!  Along with another giveaway!

Monday, April 25, 2011


My heart ached for them and that feeling stayed with me for many days and that was when I decided to create my "Serenity Spell". The following week I visited Elizabyth and stayed until it was time for all the children to go to bed. I kissed Elizabyth good night and started walking down the hallway. Of course, I make myself invisible so no one will be frightened. I put my mind into a very positive and calm place and I walk into each child's room placing my hand gently onto their forehead. I don't talk to them but I simply put nice thoughts into their heads so that they calmly fall asleep and have happy dreams. I repeat this over and over again until I have visited every single child! I go home exhausted, but I feel happy that I have helped them have a good night sleep.

My "Dolittle Spell" is one that only works on an animal who wants to communicate with humans (usually a cat)! They must have a lot of love and a strong desire to talk to me. Moustachio really loves the Dolittle Spell. He is very funny and always makes me laugh when we talk. We cuddle up and I feel his words and he feels mine. Papi is a stray from Brooklyn, and he communicates with a very heavy Spanish accent. Thugs was found wondering the streets of a very bad section in the city one cold and rainy day. He shivered and ran right up to my car when I pulled over. He is a real tough guy in front of all the other cats but when we are alone he begs me to hold him and talk to him like a little kitten. Of course, I don't tell any of the other cats what a baby he really is because they think he is somewhat of a "gangsta".  Genesis is beautiful and elegant. She was a stray and lived with Moustachio before coming to live with me. Genesis communicates in a very gentle and quiet way and usually does this early in the morning. Sunflower is the oldest and unfortunately doesn't believe in any of this and there fore doesn't talk to me at all!

Now comes my favorite personal spell. It only works on boys named Fernando! This all started when.........

To be Continued....but here is the giveaway that represents the "Dolittle Spell"...this is Genesis and if you would like to be part of this giveaway please mention it in your comment!

Good Luck everyone and thank you for visiting!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

....And the WINNER is...

STACY....from MagicLoveCrow! My daughter Anjelina will be picking all the winners by number for all three or more daughter Mikki picked for the Oz party!

Hurray Stacy...I will mail this out to you! Please stay part two of this story is right around the corner!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Fictional Witch Story and Give Away Part One...


     There are good witches and there are not so good witches. My name is Fayth, I am young but I am a good and loving witch. Most of the people I cast my spells on don't even know I exist but my closest friends all know what good deeds I try to do. I have three favorite spells that I excel in. My first favorite is the "Serenity Spell" which I use for the little children at the Children's Hospital. My second favorite spell is the one I cast on kats so that we can communicate (occasionally on other animals too) and this spell is the "Dolittle Spell." My third favorite is a more personal one, and it is called the "Fernando Spell."

     I made up the Serenity Spell a short time after I visited my friend, Elizabyth in the hospital. She was only ten years old when she found out she had a very serious disease. The hospital she went to was for children only. It was a very colorful hospital, and it had brightly painted flowers and animals on the walls. Music was playing most of the day I believe it was Sillyville. However, as I was walking down the halls one night I felt something strange. Since I am a witch I am really quite psychic. As I passed each room that night I had a clear vision of what each child was thinking about. Some were thinking of family and friends, their favorite toys, their loving pets, and worried that no one even missed them anymore. Each child thought a different thought but they all had one thing in common, the fear of going to sleep and having nightmares. They all had bad dreams every night and missed their moms!

     My heart ached for them and that feeling stayed with me for many days and that was when........................


Are you ready for the first giveaway?! It is an ACEO original watercolor and ink created for this story....this is Fayth.

If you would like to be part of this giveaway please let me know in your comment!