Sunday, September 5, 2010


I literally spent about 9 1/2 hours on my deck yeterday trying to get inspired! Here are a few of the sketches...some were ideas for the ACETSY CHALLENGE...(I really wanted to create a piece of Mother Nature)...some were just silly!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's been a few rough weeks...

It has really been a few rough weeks...sometimes in life that happens. My husband tripped over one of our dogs and broke a small bone in his foot. He can't return back to work for 12 weeks. One of our precious cats was run over by a car and my daughter Anjelina found her. Then my other daughter Mikki had a very good friend pass away in a car accident.

I don't like to complain in a blog because I know everyone has their own problems. I truly did debate whether people would be turned off because of it or they would see me as more human. I am reminded of one of my fav quotes "He who has no clouds...has no rainbows."

So...I decided if you were kind enough to listen the least I could do was give you a small dose of are a few pics of some bunnies I made for the babies in my life...they were made from gloves and baby socks!