Monday, March 14, 2011

The snow has melted away and so have my paintings!

CASEY from the "Kool Kat Series"
CHESTER from "Kool Kat Series"-SOLD-


MOLLY!!!!! Now how did she get on here?!
Uggggghhhhhh...she is always on the cell!


  1. Love all the aceo's Deborah!! We still have some snow, but it's sunny! Yeh! Soon, I will be picking weeds! LOL! I don't know what's better, weeds or snow??? ;o) Is Molly a new puppy? I hope she has a good long distance plan! LOL!

  2. Lol Stacy...I hate the feel of I don't go too deep in the I guess I would choose the snow!
    Molly was Dolces' wife...we actually had a wedding with ties...bridal veil...a bridesmaid (our older dog Princess)....a wedding guests!
    I have pics...would you like to see them?!

  3. Beautiful new ACEOs Deborah! My fav is Casey with the Sunflowers =) Kathryn
    ps- i'd love to see a couple of wedding pics

  4. Very cute ACEOs ! Molly is adorable - she and her cellphone should be the subjects of an ACEO! And yes, post pics!

  5. Deb! I would love to see the wedding pics!! Please ;o)

  6. Love your new art. So cute.
    And what an adorable Molly!

  7. Hi Deborah :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog!
    You might remember me from the OWOH event, etsy and my livejournal (I just opened a blogspot last month)... being new I didn't realize there wasn't a "follow" button or shop link up...
    they are up now, thank you! :)
    Oh, and I would love to see the doggy wedding photos and your aceo's are super cute!