Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hearts and other things I love....

Handmade hearts getting ready for ETSY

My daughter Mikki made yummy..

and meet Ralphy...the baby of the family

He thinks he is a Siberian Tiger...

See? I'm not kidding...

Go Celtic's!

Ralphies Auntie...

After a hard day...loving the down blanket

Sleep well fella...


  1. Hey Deb!! Love all the pictures!! I love the stuffed hearts!! Are you putting them in your shop??? Very cute! Who is going to eat all of Micki's cookies?? LOL! OMG, they look amazing! You know I am trying to lose weight!! Are those chocolates on top! Yummy!!! Oh, I love your cats!!! I want to hug them both! And, sorry, I'm not for the Celtics, I'm for the Raptors ;o)

  2. These are great photos, the celtics mmm, what ever happened to Larry Bird?
    The hearts are sooo sweet, wonderful gifts to give a special someone, we don't celebrate Valentines too much in Australia, but it definitely is becoming more popular, my hubby usually writes me a short story & I usually cook something special for the family, but hearts, always good to give & receive hearts : )

  3. Thank you Stacey....we love our 4 legged babies...we have 5 cats and 3 dogs!!!! The cookies are almost gone...they are peanut butter cookies with Hershey Kisses on top!

  4. Wow do you know about Larry Bird....aren't you from Australia!!!!! You are too sweet that your husband writes for you...thank you for commenting!

  5. OMG, peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses!! That is cruel to show me! LOL!

  6. Those cookies sound YUM!!
    Yep, definitely Aussie, but when I met my husband he played local basketball and I absorbed information on his favourite team, Celtics! I remember how you absorb things, I always had a soft spot for Pat Riley (but he was a coach) and when we were in New York 15 years ago we got to see a game live, it was really cool, we were in the bleaches, but we could see Jack Nicholson & other celebs really tiny in the front row!!
    Yep, he is a sweetie... mostly ; )

  7. The hearts are so sweet and adorable! I can feel the love in the air :) Oh the pictures of the cats are just darling too, they are the sweetest animals!

  8. Beautiful harts, cute kitties and oh my those cookies look yummy!

  9. wow everything about this post is bursting with love and joy! :D